Understanding Balinese Women Emancipation

The issue of women is still a serious discourse to be discussed, as well as continue to experience growth, too many problems women have never gone by a period or era presence in the earth’s surface. Women’s emancipation movement in fact many women plunge into a worse condition. Understanding the way in implementing the Bali emancipation of women should be thought to be balanced and harmonious in life.

“Women have to stop fight only for heritage and material things if they want the family and culture still in balance”, said Professor Luh Ketut Suryani as she concerned on the emancipation movement in Bali got more influence by the western culture.

“Nobody that normal wants their children suffer in their life and for that reason also many parents want to prepare their daughter in tough condition”, add Professor Suryani as she invited many women to understand emancipation does not mean equal in Balinese culture but more on balance and harmony.

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