1600 elderly celebrate National Elderly’s Day

The Indonesian government choose May 29th  as the National Day for the Elderly, also known as Hari Lanjut Usia Nasional (HLUN). The elderly population in Indonesia continues to grow as the Central Statistics Agency (BPS) recorded in 2010 that about 23 million out of the total population of 237.6 million people were above 60 years old. But only 7000 unwell and poor elderly people were able to get government care while the rest still have to survive by their own selves.

In Bali the celebration was lead by Yayasan Wreda Sejahtera Bali on Saturday 28th May, at Parliament House that invite 1600 elderly to show their creativity and productivity. “We want the government to aware that these people are still exist and need love, care and appreciation”, said Professor Luh Ketut Suryani as the leader of the foundation.

“It’s a surprise for me and the team to see the enthusiasm of the elderly that willing to come without asking for money”, add Professor Suryani as she aware that government has trained many people when doing something need to provide money in a sense of bribing their own people. Despite this wonderful situation the welfare department of Bali government still try to be deaf and blind that they only want to help the people when there is project from central government, Jakarta without trying to propose for the reality. All the participant wish that someday they can have a senior center, a place for them to gather and enjoy their old days to be useful, happy and prosperous.

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