Understanding Depression for Suicide Prevention

Many of the patients with a disorder known as depression will commit suicide and this makes it the most deadly disorder among other medical conditions as causes of suicide.

“In Bali the suicide case never below 100 per year after the first bomb blast in Bali in 2002”, said Professor Luh Ketut Suryani as the pioneer to create crisis center for suicide in Bali during the seminar on depression in Wantilan DPRD Bali, Renon.

Although the increase of suicide case reach 6 times fold, but no action from the government to prevent their people in committing suicide. “I think the government think that it’s normal for people to commit suicide and that’s why they feel there’s no need to prevent it”, said Dr Cokorda Bagus Jaya Lesmana during the seminar that invited many elements from education as their stakeholder.

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