Happy 23rd anniversary Wreda Sejahtera Bali Foundation

Today marks the 23rd anniversary of Wreda Sejahtera Bali Foundation. On September 8, 1988 the foundation was established, ten years before the Guidelines of State Policy and seventeen years before the issuance of the Law of Elderly Welfare by the Government of the Republic of Indonesia. The bright and relieving idea for the elderly people in Bali was brought by Professor Luh Ketut Suryani and has became the pioneer of elderly care movement in Indonesia.

“I saw the growing number of elderly population and increasing the length of life expectancy as a result of the progress achieved in development today, then those who have the experience, expertise and wisdom need to be given the opportunity to play a role in development which our government still blind and deaf to this situation”, said Professor Luh Ketut Suryani during the celebration in Denpasar with around 2000 elderly from around Bali. “We have grown and changed a lot since our humble beginnings, and we’d like our elderly people still strong and healthy in physical, mental and spiritual”, add Professor Suryani.

The celebration gave elderly chance to show their ability in performing arts called Ngibing. Every branch of the foundation tried to show their best resources to win the competition. This event able to tackle the myth this world is full of lonely and seemingly helpless elderly people who are so full of pride but in real need. They are real, and have feelings, the same as younger people, but they are often neglected, mistreated and misunderstood. As the motto of the foundation to make senior citizen pride with their age but still useful, happy and prosperous. Congratulations to Wreda Sejahtera Bali Foundation on this achievement. Here’s to 23 more successful years.

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