YWS Bali 24th anniversary: cheerful in old age

2012 marked the 24th anniversary of Yayasan Wreda Sejahtera (YWS) Bali. This special occasion presented YWS Bali with an opportunity to celebrate achievements in global elderly health over the last 24 years, demonstrate the impact of YWS’ work and address challages for the future of elderly people in Bali. Founded in 1988, ten years prior  the issuance of  Elderly Welfare Law by the Government of the Republic of Indonesia, YWS Bali has become the one and only non profit organization with more than 5000 members in the country.

“I feel blessed to be invited by this organization and make me want to write songs for the elderly because I never thought that they still active and function normally with no help from government”, said Rai Peni as a talented young Balinese singer as he made special performance for the elderly people at Ida Bagus Marka Gallery, Kemenuh, Gianyar. Motivated by Professor Luh Ketut Suryani as the founder and chairwoman of the organization invited more than 1ooo elderly all around Bali to participate in the special day of YWS Bali.



“We would like our government to re-consider they master plan to build nursing home, because it’s destroying our culture as there will be no more connection and feeling of responsible from the families, communities and the elderly themselves”, said Professor Suryani as she proposed for more culturally and functionnaly plan for the elderly people in Bali. “That is our dream that our elderly people can have a place to meet, learning, activities and transfer their knowledge and experiences to the next generation. 

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