800 elderly celebrate YWS Badung Anniversary

Everyone wants to reach old age but nobody wants to be old. Having achieved it, we lament; we strive hard to get there, fearing that we will fail, but when we succeed, we do nothing but complain. For that reason, Yayasan Wreda Sejahtera Bali created a prevention programs to make elderly people happy, productive and prosperous.

“Since 1999 our elderly in Badung regency has joined the program of YWS Bali, it was long time before government create national law for elderly care”, said Drs Gusti Ngurah Puger as the leader of YWS Bali branch Badung during their anniversary celebration.

“Today’s old age, for all its worries about degenerative disease and inadequate pensions, represents so complete a transformation that it may well be the greatest social revolution of the past century”, said Professor Luh Ketut Suryani as she train the elderly people with meditation and relaxation to be in perfectly harmony with mind body and spirit.

800 elderly people attend the celebration to show that they can still productive and creative in their old age.

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